About Us

Born in Mexico City, raised in Los Angeles and having  lived in Miami for almost two decades, I am very familiar with cosmopolitan cities and trendsetting environments that understand and appreciate fashion and style. 

With a solid career of over 15 years in the European luxury goods industry having managed international brands for markets such as Asia Pacific, Southern Europe, the USA and Latin America, I have developed a diverse and refined taste and a deep knowledge of the world of fashion. My background allows me to understand how trends work, international consumer behaviors to better understand their needs and most importantly, what fashion-lovers from all walks of life  seek when it comes to originality and style.

As a travel enthusiast and admirer of world cultures, I’ve had the opportunity to visit over 30 countries in five continents. My world travels have opened my eyes and mind to new cultures and have given me the opportunity to appreciate fashion, art and other forms of expression from many corners of the world from singing under the stars with a Berber tribe in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, to witnessing the beauty and precision of the Kabuki theater in Tokyo, to listening to the melancholic sound of a street musician play the Hurdy Gurdy in old Prague, or maybe shopping in high end stores of Milan, Paris and Monaco while also appreciating the beautiful bright fabrics and amazing hand-made beadwork of Thai dress makers in the night markets of busy Bangkok.

All my life experiences, the countries I’ve visited, and the people I’ve met along the way have enriched my learning, have given me a deep love for beautiful eclectic style and have allowed me to gather the sensibility and taste to curate this first collection of amazing hand-made crystal clutches and headbands that I hope you will enjoy and will make you stand out from the crowd to make you feel like the unique, beautiful and special person that you are! 



Eclectic Downtown CEO